Multipacting Simulation Toolbox with 2D FEM Field Solver and MATLAB® Graphical User Interface
MultiPac 2.1 now also available for WIN. MATLAB 6® or higher required

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What is Multipac 2.x

Multipac is a simulation software toolbox for analyzing electron multipacting in the axisymmetric rf structures with the TM0nl-mode, such as rf cavities, input couplers and ceramic windows. The program is based on numerical electron trajectory calculations  in time-harmonic electromagnetic fields. The program finds the multipacting field levels, and locates and indicates the multipacting processes. The package inludes a graphical MATLAB® user interface and a 2D finite element (FEM) field solver.
In the present model, the following items are not included:
General 3D structures - only axisymmetric structures are considered.
Curved surfaces - the surface is defined via a broken line.
General time dependent electromagnetic fields - only the time-harmonic case is included.
General 3D electromagnetic fields - TM0nl - mode is assumed.
One should bear in mind that multipacting is a complex physical phenomenon and that in this package only one possible way to simulate multipacting is applied. In the real physical situations the conditions are usually more complicated than in this simplified model.

Computer Requirements:
MultiPac software package is primarily designed to run in a PC with LINUX. In order to run MultiPac, the following minimum requirements for the computer are desirable:

100 Mhz Pentium® Processor
At least 32 MB RAM
50 MB of free disk space
MATLAB® 5.x or higher

The needed amount of the memory depends on the size of the fields files. The memory requirement of the program is roughly 25n times the memory needed to represent a floating number, where n is the number of the grid points used to represent the electromagnetic fields.

2. How to get MultiPac 2.x

The MultiPac software package is free software for members of the TESLA Collaboration. Companies and other persons or institutes please contact us.


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