TTF lv programs

On request of some colleagues, you can find here some lv source (lv5.1) from our cavity/coupler teststands.
All of them are distributed under the terms of the GPL.

Measurement program
HiPowerProcess Program for coupler conditioning
  • It runs on solaris and linux systems with labview V5.1
  • It will access the following hardware directly (via GPIB):
    • RF Generator (if it exists)
    • Powermeter (for pulses >2us, min. 1Hz Reprate)
  • All other hardware will be accessed through DOOCS ! (vacuum, cryogenic, interlock, llrf, klystron, ...)
  • It will create a parameter and comment file, plus one datafile per day (details)
  • The datastructure is very flexible, so it is possible to add or remove channels during the coupler test (but he program must be stoped, and some config files needs to be adjust for this)
    (and it makes the life sometimes complicated)
  • There are some config files needed for:
    • teststand parameters (attenuations, interlock channels, devices)
    • data channels
    • address table for doocs channels
  • HiPowerProcess24R2.llb
  • HiPowerProcess24R2.llb.gz
  • HiPowerProcess24R2
  • tsv_Acc1.txt
  • Example file for teststand specific parameters.
  • dat_source_HPP_Acc1.txt
  • Example definition of measured data (names and type).
  • Example DOOCS address table (and slave tables) for network typed dat_source names.
    ((The facility "TTT" is not existing.))
    View measurement data
  • HPP_RD_Coupler-Data9b.llb
  • HPP_RD_Coupler-Data9b.llb.gz
  • HPP_RD_Coupler-Data9b
    This program will allow to read the processing data.
    Some routines
  • flex_data_struct.llb
  • flex_data_struct.llb.gz
  • flex_data_struct
    This routines will manage the "in and out" of the defined data types, from the uniform structure. It is used inside our measurement programs (and normally you do not need to download this package).

    thats it.
    09.11.2005 [goe]

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