Talks at the CARE04 workshop


From the Lab. Director hosting the general CARE meeting
CARE General Status & Plans
by CARE coordinator
R. Aleksan
CARE Dissemination Activities
by Dissemination Board Chair
O. Napoly
Organisation issues D. Proch

Joint Research Activities

SRF (JRA1) Superconducting Frequency

Management and Communication (M&C) D. Proch
Improved Standard Cavity Fabrication (ISCF) P. Michelato
Seamless Cavity Production (SCP) W.-D. Möller
Thin Film Cavity Production (TFCP) M. Sadowski
Surface Preparation (SP) L. Lilje
Material Analysis (MA) E. Palmieri
Couplers (COUP) M. Omeich
Tuners (TUN) P. Sekalski
Low Level RF (LLRF) A. Brandt, T. Jezynski
Cryostat Integration Tests B. Visentin
Beam Diagnostics (BD) M. Castellano

PHIN (JRA2) Photo Injectors

Introduction L. Rinolfi
CERN R. Losito
CNRS-Orsay R. Roux
FZR-ELBE 1 J. Teichert
FZR-ELBE 2 R. Xiang
TEU-Twente J.W.J. Verschuur
INFN-Frascati A. Ghigo
INFN-Milano S. Cialdi

HIPPI (JRA3) HighIntensity Proton Pulsed Injectors

HIPPI Matters R. Garobi

NED (JRA4) High Field Magnets R&D

(This program is the same as for the HHH network.)
Present and future HHH activities, budget and milestones W. Scandale
Present and future NED activities, budget and milestones A. Devred

Network Activities

BENE Neutrino Beams

Neutrinos in the universe
A. Ringwald
Neutrino Oscillations: Phenomenology
M. Lindner
Neutrino Oscillations: Experiments
D. Wark
EU Neutrinos after the SPSC Cogne IX meeting
J. Dainton
Superbeam & NuFactory Overview
H. Haseroth
HIPPI and high intensity p-drivers
R. Garoby
High Power Targets
R. Bennett
Target experiment (TT2a)
H. Kirk
Collection of neutrino parents
J.-E. Campagne
Muon front end, ionization cooling, MICE
U. Bravar
Neutrino factory activities in the UK
K. Long
Acceleration of muons: FFAGs and more
F. Meot
Frictional muon cooling
A. Caldwell (tbc)
Our homework assignements
A. Blondel
The Pbar Target at FNAL
Pat Hurh
Isochronous optics of an electron model FFAG
G. Rees
Summary of the Trento workshop Exploring the Impact of New Neutrino Beams
C. Volpe (tbc)
The PSI Target
Friedrich Groeschel
NuFact Front End: Recent progress
S. Brooks
The OPERA approach at the CNGS and at future neutrino facilities
C. Hagner
The SNS Mercury Target
Bernie Riemer
Tracking code developements
F. Lemuet
Optimization of the SPL energy for a neutrino superbeam
A. Cazes
Pion Collection and the CNGS Horn
Jean-Eric Campagne
Tracking studies concerning KEK FFAG machines
F. Meot
Degeneracies in the determination of oscillation parameters
E. Fernandez-Martinez
Mercury Jet Targets and the TT2A Experiment
Harold Kirk
Plans until next meeting - discussion
From Baryo and Leptogenesis towards a Dirac-Majoranagenesis
G. Volkov
The EURISOL Target
Helge Ravn
Spallation target development for the EU ADS Project
Y. Kadi
ISOL, EURISOL & neutrino Betabeams
M. Lindroos
NuFact & Betabeam News from the US APS Study
M. Zisman
Leptonic Mixing: Beams and baseline options
A. Donini
Detectors for future neutrino experiments
P. Strolin
The complementary reactor approach: DCHOOZ
C. Hagner
E. Fernandez / R. Klanner
Contribution: 1, 2, 3, 4

ELAN Linear Colliders

Cold Technology Beam Dynamics New techniques of Acceleration
review on recent meetings concerned with SRF technology
L. Lilje

- Pushing the Limits of RF Superconductivity, Argonne, September 2004
- SMTF (Superconducting Cryo-Module Test Facility) Workshop, JLab, September 2004
- ILC-Americas Workshop, SLAC, October 2004
- Meetings od the Asian WG 5 concerned with high gradient cavities, (And a talk by N. Toge at SMTF Workshop)

Introduction and status
D. Schulte
Recent developments in the Dutch Laser Wakefield Acceleratorprogram at the University of Twente: New external bunch injection scheme
Fred van Goor (U. Twente)
Discussion on the ratings for technology R&D from the ILC Americas Workshop (WG5) Status of the Code Repository
Ph. Burrows (QMUL)
Progress on the ALPHA-X project to develop laser wakefield accelerators
Dino Jaroszynski (U. Strathclyde)
Discussion: Inputs for the KEK meeting
- What should be the strategy of the R&D ?
- What are the technical issues ?
Beam Dynamics Simulation Codes: Required Interfaces, Benchmarks and Extensions
N. Walker (DESY)
Numerical modeling of photon frequency shifts in laser plasma accelerators
Robert Bingham (RAL - U. Strathclyde)
Discussion: The decision on the technology will have some impact on the WP2 deliverables with new strategy/timing more ILC oriented (alternative cavities not relevant to XFEL therefore report at a later stage) Important Beam Dynamics Studies in Europe
D. Schulte (CERN)
The Bubble acceleration regime: Monoenergetic electrons, scalings and the similarity theory
Alexander Pukhov (HHU. Düsseldorf)
  Future Planning
D. Schulte (CERN)
Discussion: ELAN-BDYN and ILC
Preparation for the KEK meeting on ILC 1 ANAD
Goals for this session and proposed outline of KEK EU talk
F. Richard
Generation of quasi-monoenergetic electron beams using ultrashort and ultra-intense laser pulses
Jérôme Faure (LOA)
TESLA Collaboration
C. Pagani
Mono-energetic beams of relativistic electrons from intense laser plasma interactions
Alec Thomas (ICL)
X-FEL Synergy
R. Brinkmann
General discussion on injectors / elctron sources and comparison of performances
CARE-SRF contribution
D. Proch
CARE-PHIN contribution
A. Ghigo
Input from CARE-ELAN
L. Lilje / D. Schulte / G. Blair
ELAN Plenary
- What has been done in 2004
- New strategy in 2005

F. Richard (LAL/Orsay)
- Discussion on the ELAN report
- Inputs from the WP sessions
- Inputs for the next 18 months
Preparation for the KEK meeting on ILC Part 2
N. Walker
P. Burrows
Possible additional contributions from:
CERN, J.P. Delahaye
Italy, S. Bertolucci (TBC)
France, O. Napoly
UK, M. Poole
Spain, A. Faus-Golfe
Review of EU summary talk and discussion
Discussions of ANAD projects
Status of the RTN proposal(s) and last inputs (in particular from other WP)
Review and discussion of instruments available in the near future (e.g. NEST)

HHH Proton Accelerators

(This program is the same as for the NED joint research activitiy.)
Present and future HHH activities, budget and milestones W. Scandale
Present and future NED activities, budget and milestones A. Devred

Activity Reports

Report on SRF Activities D. Proch / T. Garvey
Report on PHIN Activities A. Ghigo
Report on HIPPI Activities R. Garoby
Report on NED Activities A. Devred
Report on BENE Activities V. Palladino
Report on ELAN Activities F. Richard
Report on HHH Activities F. Ruggiero

Care Collaboration Council Meetings

Welcome and main meeting objectives M. Spiro
Approval of the agenda all
Intellectual properties issues R. Amendolia
Discussion on Dissemination Issues
- Intellectual properties issues
- Documentation
- Format of the annual meeting
- Next CARE annual meeting, date and place
- Use of the cybernews
- Industry day in 2005
R. Aleksan
AOB Summary

Special Sessions

LC Technology J.E. Augustin
Summary EUROTeV kick-off E. Elsen
ECFA views on Accelerator Activities in Europe and the World B. Foster
CARE Outlooks R. Aleksan